Singlet Shopping Bags Large White Remember to Reuse

Singlet Shopping Bags Large White Remember to Reuse

  • $7.23

530 mm H x 290 mm W x 150 mm side gusset

38 UM

These are also known as/for:

  • Shopping Bags
  • Grocery Bags
  • Singlet Bags

Usually found in supermarkets, fruit and veg markets and markets

The measurements include the handle area

Printed with Remember to Reuse this bag

These bags are similar in design and shape to the old single-use singlet bags so perfect to reuse in your kitchen bins etc.

Complies all states with plastic shopping bag regulations

Individual Barcode on bags for reselling 

Sold in 3 Pack Sizes to save you money the more you buy the cheaper the unit price. Use the drop-down bar to check out the different packs and pricing

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